We’re a small group of believers who are not afraid to have their faults exposed because we know a guy (Jesus Christ) who loves us and is in the business of restoring and redeeming messed up, broken people.  We know we’re better together and even though it’s easier and sometimes more comfortable to “hide” when life is tough, we’re intentional about giving access to those who love Jesus and love us.  We find exactly what we need – sometimes encouragement, other times correction, occasionally rebuke, but always a deep love and concern.

We meet in our homes, often rotating who is hosting and always sharing a meal.  We nearly always meet Sunday mornings so the meal is breakfast and everyone brings something to share – pancakes or farm fresh eggs or sausage and bacon or grits or yogurt or fruit or whatever is picked up at the drive-thru or grocery store.

We believe in being connected throughout the week.  Sometimes through individual texts or calls, other times utilizing our group messaging app (GroupMe). But the most important thread that runs through all of our lives throughout the week is Scripture.  We all are reading through the same passages using the YouVersion Bible app and following a plan we’ve all agreed on.  It allows us to dialogue and share thoughts during the week and focuses where our discussion will start from when we gather.

Because we know we’re better together, we pool our time and resources to support a number of different ministries and missionaries both near and far.  It’s been so rewarding for us to see that our little family is financially and prayerfully supporting so much of what God is doing to impact people all around the world.

Micro Church

A micro church is an extended family of believers who worship and study together and serve whatever neighborhood or network that they're connected to.
The Bible
Grace & Truth
Grace transforms us and the truth sets us free. As disciples of Jesus, we choose to offer a radical and scandalous grace and also share and defend the truth, as revealed in Scripture, in an honest and grace-filled way even when it may be uncomfortable.
Serve & Lead
Since Jesus came not to be served, but to serve, we take every opportunity to follow his example and so we serve. As we live a life of service we will find opportunities to lead.
Covenant & Marriage
We live as though God pursues a relationship with us and establishes a covenant promise to never leave or forsake us. That is Jesus’ relationship and promise to us, his bride, the church. Following his pattern, we live as though marriage is a lifelong promise between one man and one woman (his bride) to remain in faithful relationship until death.
Growth & Change
All living things grow and change. We will be a people who are continually growing and developing in ways that produce positive change that is noticeable to us and others.
Me & We
We together are stronger than Me alone and still individuals benefit when everyone works together. We will take individual responsibility and become passionate producers instead of individual consumers.
Teachable & Accountable
We are known as people who actively embrace instruction and training which may encourage or challenge our beliefs and we readily receive correction and rebuke to encourage or challenge healthy behavior.
Restoration & Healing
We walk in the faith that nothing is impossible with God so anyone can be restored to wholeness regardless of their brokenness and through forgiveness our hurts can be healed.
Impact & Invest
We own nothing. We are stewards of what God has given us. Therefore we invest our resources with a Kingdom focus and in ways that will have the greatest Kingdom impact.